Sunday, December 9, 2007

so I write this chick I know an email right, and all I asked was this “hey how are you?” and this is what she wrote back.

“glad that everything is going well!! who did you hang out with a muttaburra??? hahahah the tavern..... never been there myself, but have heard that ppl have had great times!!!! wow by yourself... that would have been pretty scary!!!! hahaha yeah you got to love it out here... you can nearly get served anywhere. all the shearers... hehehe that would have been a great night... haha. yeah well i have not been up to much.,.. went to the tambo rodeo couple weekends ago....... oh man it was soooooo good..... bit like yours at the tavern..... we were meant to have this party last weekend, but it was called off... but hopefully there will another one soon... the blackall races are on the weekend after next, so you are welcome to come down for that... should be good. did you meet many ppl at the swimming carnistal, cos didnt they have a thing for all the govies, so they could meet??? whats it like at the fyschers??? that would suck with all the kids been sick and all that... oh well... oh guess what... i got a job a another place where i cook dinner for the men, when the husband and wife go away, so that should be pretty good... i am learning how to cook at the mom.... trust me it is more complicated then what it looks!!!!!!!! hopefully i should be able to master that soon though... fingers crossed... anyhow i will let you know when i'm coming up to noosa next... soon i hope... btw have you got a cdma phone, or are you just using theirs???”

Can you bnelieve it? One sentence question and that’s what I get back! As if I am going to write back to her!

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