Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I love my dog

My awesome dog, my job and my friends are the things that I take a great amount of pleasure in. I'm quite taken by the details; that pink light that effuses downtown Toronto in the evening, the solitude on my balcony, high-quality food, and animated conversation. I love to visit galleries, go to new restaurants and have friends over for dinner. I'd also like some good company along for the ride. I own a condo downtown, and I'm very passionate about my job - so yes, I am sometimes quite serious and overbearingly intense. But I know how to take a joke. I love to just hang and watch TV and movies! I love travelling, dancing, skiing, hanging out on any beach I can get near, as well as reading, getting just facials, cooking and hanging out on a patio. Be bold, be strong, and you will get nothing less from me. One last bit. I don't really like online chatting - am I in the wrong place? I'd much rather meet for a quick coffee and see how it develops.