Sunday, December 9, 2007

I love you. And I cannot lose you. This is for you. i had a feeling that you'd get a bit low again...thats all right man, u gotta sink low so that you can get yourself stronger and get out of that hole and be able to emphathise....dont worry man you'll get thru this, i know you will. you always have and you always will. howz matty and mama pam? is everything okay there? and dude i can tell u bout yr 12, be like me, dont give a shit too much, dont put too much thought, but do try your best and you will be fine. everything works out in the end. schools and people put way too much emphathise on it and seriously no one gives a rat's ass in a year, let alone a month. i cannot even tell u what i even fucken learnt last year so i wonder why i even stressed at the time. not that i did by the end of it. just think 'schoolies. schoolies. schoolies.' that week works wonders....ahh...schoolies....good that day in surf city at seaside and us in them huts just talking and saying 'goodbye' to shannon. (' oi can u turn off the light when you leave?' hahahaha...translate: shut up and fuck off ya hippie!) newhoo we have had some good, fucked up times.