Sunday, December 9, 2007

an hour out of noosa. wow thats a long way. how do you get home at such odd hours of the day?? the private jet haha. well my friend i am glad you are having fun! cannot wait to catch up with her. yea i told nicole and haven't spoken to michelle yet but i will let her kno. maybe one weekend you can come down and we all get maggot hahahaha!!! ahh ive missed that girl. it was so out of the blue hey. like i hadn't spoken to her in like 3 yrs then she rang i was like OMG haha. neways ill give her all ur details also and tell her to ring you. ahh its good having nicole back also. haha yes on sat night i think nicole finally realistairsed what me and nita have been meaning about nita. and her 'doggin' us. or apparently its the other way round haha. but yea shes her usual self. not many people have much to do with her anymore. neways. your tahitian greek princess is very well to answer your question haha. just quietly i love holidays haha. yea this second job will show me whether i want to work with kids. partially the reason i applied for it haha. had my trial the other day 3hrs of board games got paid. hard work ill say haha. must say i slept through my alarm however and was 10 mins late oh well she asked for me back so musn't have mattered hah. yes news has it the britney has shaved her head. and i shall send some magazines up to you along with some photos of your mad biatches here in bris

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